About Us – Kimberly McMillan


Hello! I'm Kim McMillan, a passionate travel agent with a wealth of personal travel experience and a deep commitment to creating unforgettable memories for my clients.

I've explored a variety of destinations and travel styles, including All-Inclusive resorts in Cancun and the Dominican Republic, with multiple visits to Cancun's beautiful beaches and the luxurious Hard Rock Resort. My love for cruising has taken me to Caribbean destinations seven times, and I've flown into four different Caribbean locales, always on the lookout for unique and exciting experiences.

One of my greatest joys is making memories with those I love, and I'm eagerly anticipating an unforgettable cruise to Alaska this fall to celebrate my 30th anniversary.

In addition to my travel expertise, I bring the patience and dedication of a special needs teacher and the perspective of a mother to adult children. Whether you're looking for a relaxing getaway or a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, I am here to help you create travel memories that will last a lifetime. Let’s start planning your next journey together!

Email or call me to get started!