Five Top Secret Maine Hideaways

The beautiful state of Maine is overflowing with serene coastal towns, immaculate lighthouses and
restaurants with scrumptious delights. Even though there are many touristy areas to visit that people
tend to congregate to, there are hidden gems to discover as well. Some of them may include parks with
pristine lakes and historical buildings that have been standing for hundreds of years. Let’s take a look!

1. Rattlesnake Flume
When reading this name at a first glance, it may be unclear what Rattlesnake Flume can even be.
It’s actually a secret pool with crystal clear blue water. The views are absolutely magnificent and
foliage surrounds the pool on all ends. In order to get to the Flume, there is an easy hiking trial
and a large grass field. Once you see the Flume, you will bound to be blown away. Brace yourself
though- even if you go on a warm, sunny day, the water may be chillier than expected. The
experience will definitely be worthwhile though!

2. Desert of Maine
When most people think of Maine, the vision of a desert may not come to mind. However,
located in Freeport, Maine, there are 40 acres of sandy land all surrounded by pine trees. Back
in the 1700s, the land was used for farming, however the locals decided to keep the desert look
and create iconic tours. There is a museum on the property and they offered guided tours. As
you delve deeper into the desert, you will also discover the woods with over 23 sites where you
can go camping. If you want to be at one with nature, this may be the place to check out.

3. Bold Coast Preserve
This is a spectacular coastal area that barely sees any tourists due to its hidden location. There
are more than 12,000 acres of wetlands, woodlands, small coves and a large pebbly beach.
There are also grasslands filled with wildflowers, which is a very picture-esque scene! For those
of you who seek adventure, this may be the place for you. Try to hike along the tops of the cliffs
and enjoy the many species of birds that can be found in the spring and summer.

4. Olson House
For all you history buffs out there, the Olson House may be the perfect place for you to check
out. This is a colonial farm house that is also considered to be a historical landmark. The house
was inherited by the Olson family in the 18 th century and the house became the setting for many
famous pieces of art. You can opt to take a tour of the house, which is now a museum and learn
about the intricacies of the house during its time.

5. Artist’s Bridge
This 100-foot long bridge may have been built in the 1800s, but it is full of charm. It crosses
Sunday River and it is considered to be a local gem. Take a stroll through the bridge and enjoy
the foliage that surrounds you on each side. In the autumn, the views of the river and the
orange/red leaves are absolutely breathtaking. If you are a nature buff or even a nature lover,
this is a location that you need to see!

Whether you want to be surrounded by nature or history, one of these Maine hideaways may
be best for you! Maybe you also want to spend a day walking through fields of wild flowers or
check out a desert with pine trees all over. Whichever getaway you decide to partake it, enjoy it
and don’t forget to take photos!

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