10 Tips for Experiencing Universal Studios in 2020 and 2021

The global pandemic has soiled many people’s travel plans in 2020. However, there is one bright light: the reopening of Universal Orlando Studios. With these 10 tips in mind, you can return to your favorite parks and plan your trip to be safe, cost-efficient, and a totally unique experience.


  1. Download the Universal Orlando Resort App 

This app has numerous features to help you plan out your trip to the parks efficiently and with ease. A few features are: an interactive map of the parks, mobile food ordering at the many restaurants, and Virtual Line Experience which gives you a specific time to return to an attraction so you can avoid the long wait.

  1. Create an Itinerary 

Doing some research beforehand and checking out times, locations, and the Virtual Line Experience feature in the Universal App are all important in creating a vacation you will get the most out of.


  1. Buy Park Tickets in Advance

As with airfare, it is more cost-effective to purchase Universal tickets in advance. The closer you wait to your departure day, the higher the prices will go. So buy them early and make sure to check out exclusive packages offered by on-site hotels that pertain to the parks.

  1. Use Off-Site Transportation

Uber and Lyft are the least expensive options in transporting you between parks. Shuttles can be crowded, and rental cars (plus their additional parking fees) can be steeply priced. So make sure you download the former apps ahead of time.

  1. Utilize Exclusive Hotel Packages 

Staying in on-site hotels not only allows you to be closer to the parks, but you’ll also get a Universal Express Pass to bypass the lines for attractions. For families rooming together, this option is more cost-effective than outright buying the Express Pass for each person.

  1. Get Early Access to Attractions

Early Park Admission, allows you to enjoy the park an hour before it opens to the public. This means more access to popular attractions without waiting in long lines. This feature is also included in the exclusive on-site hotel packages.

  1. Take Regular Breaks

There are many new rest areas set up throughout the parks for its visitors to take breaks. In these areas you are also permitted to remove masks while hydrating in between all of the bustle of the park.

  1. Pack Lightly

Masks are required in all areas of Universal Studios, with the exception being Volcano Bay. To ensure your vacation is safe and stress-free, a few items in your bag should be: hand sanitizer, water, sunscreen, and a rain poncho. Additionally, it is important to note many attractions do not allow you to hold your bag. Lockers are provided at attraction gates and in the front of the park, but to make things easier, consider bringing a smaller sized bag with only essentials.


  1. Consider Buying a Park to Park Ticket 

Though you can buy individual park tickets, you can also buy park to park tickets so you can travel between parks. In order to ride on the iconic Hogwarts Express, this ticket is necessary.

  1. Explore Available Dining Options

There are many restaurants to consider at Universal. To speed up the process of getting food, order ahead through the Resort’s mobile app, make a reservation at the desired restaurant, and consider Universal’s Dining Plans. These include a preset number of meals, snacks, and drinks which save you money!

The global pandemic has us all restless and cautious, but you can rest assured that Universal Studios is open and working within new safety procedures. With this list of tips, you can start to plan and enjoy your long awaited vacation to the parks you love and miss. Effortless Travel recently visited so we have the expert insight you need for your trip. Contact us today!

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